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Everything we do is driven by your passion for photography. We provide regular firmware updates to ensure that you can look forward to enduring enjoyment of your camera.

Improve the performance of your Leica S3 and enjoy the benefits of the new features and functions.

Optimized functions in detail

Firmware Update 1.1
Performance - General image quality and white balance improvements at high ISO setting and with long time exposure.
Bugfix - ISO Values 25000 and 50000 are now correctly displayed in play mode.
- Auto ISO with P-Mode does now work properly.
- Correction: ISO range for live view mode.

Download firmware update

You can quickly and easily download Firmware Update for the Leica S3. The instructions provided with the firmware update will guide you safely through the installation process.

Leica S3 - Firmware 1.1

Date: 04/2020 Format: FW (110.64 MB)

Installation Guide Leica S3 Firmware Update 1.1

Date: 04/2020 Format: PDF (73.19 kB)

Installationsanleitung Leica S3 Firmware Update 1.1

Date: 04/2020 Format: PDF (76.05 kB)