Global Leica Akademie

Go one photographic step further

Go one photographic step further with the Global Leica Akademie.

In our workshops we show you new possibilities of composition. Together with us, these new impulses will be intensified through the photo practice and will be analyzed accordingly, whereby you will be introduced to better picture results.

What are our workshops about?

With our globally organized workshops, we would like to develop you personally further in terms of photographic skills.

Since the aspirations vary a lot, you can make your own choice: From product and beginner workshops, over creative image design, portrait, street and studio photography up to image editing and much more.

What will you learn?

The aim is to provide you with a good basis, which prepares you for the next steps in photography. You are given the security to recall the internalized processes, at the right moment in photographic action, to receive the best picture.

A good idea for a picture, a good perception as well as a fast recognition of situations, let pictures with a strong image effect to be created. Would you like to take these steps with us? We look forward to welcoming you.

Knowledge and Equipment

Our workshops are designed to meet the most diverse needs and levels of knowledge. In every workshop, you will find yourself in good hands with our ambitious photographers. Since our workshops are organized in small groups, we can answer your questions individually.

At the workshops, you can use your own equipment or you can be provided with the appropriate Leica photo equipment. 

Impressions from recent Workshops

Impressions 1 | LA US Surf | 1512x1008
Impressions 2 | OV AVL Porto | 1512x1008
Impressions 3 | 1512x1008