Global Leica Akademie

Experience special travel moments

With the Global Leica Akademie you will experience special travel moments.

Our exclusive luxury tours, which will take you to specially selected places in the world, will amaze you. Explore foreign cultures with us and get to know the country and its people. Photograph with us your very own travel highlights. Would you like to experience the particular? We would love to take you along on our exciting and eventful travels.

What is a photography tour?

You can travel in many different ways. On a trip with the Global Leica Akademie we take us a lot of time for photography.

The itinerary is organized in such a way that one can calmly adjust to the motifs we encounter. No hectic pace and no time pressure to get from A to B will disturb us in the implementation of the image ideas. Treat yourself to this decelerating journey with the Global Leica Akademie.

Knowledge and Equipment

Our travels are designed to meet the most diverse needs and levels of knowledge. On every travel, you will find yourself in good hands with our ambitious photographers. Since our travels are organized in small groups, we can answer your questions individually.

At the tours, you can use your own equipment or, you can be provided with the appropriate Leica photo equipment.

Impressions from recent photography tours

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Impressions 2 | 1512x1008
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